Thank you, Luca, for being the
best cuddle bug EVER, and for
keeping me warm on the coldest
winter nights.  You are my best
friend! -
Luv, Mommy
Bull, you are the most amazing
dog I have ever shared my life
To my darling Buddha-of-a Pit
with, and the gifts of love,
kindness, and fairness are ones I
will carry with me the rest of my
life. Thank you for choosing me.
To the Pit Bulls I have
known......thank you. You all
have touched me in some
special way, and I will never
forget you.
Special thank-yous to the dogs that have
touched us in so many ways.  If you would like to
make a donation on behalf of a special Pit Bull in
your life, we will add his or her picture and tribute
to this page.  To donate,
click here.
I would like to thank my pack of bullies for giving me a reason to live.   
the reason I fight so hard to stay well.  These dogs are a true
inspiration to me.  Their intelligence and playful nature always make
me happy  when I get home.  I will never forget my pack.  Petunia
(white pit bull)
Meg (center pit bull) and Big Jack.   I will never own any other breed
but a pit bull... and never do anything but adopt.

To my beautiful, funny pack of
teaching me patience and
compassion. Thank you for love.
Thank you for making me proud
by showing off your best
manners when all the dogs
around you are acting like idiots.
Thank you for kissing the tears
from my face and for making me
laugh at your ridiculous antics.
Thank you for changing my life

so starved she could barely walk and had only a few hours left before
the staff administered the euthanasia. She was so thin and frail that I
bone. She was listless and had obviously given up on life.

Over time she started to gain weight (almost 20 pounds) and begin to
learn how to live and be a dog again- or really for the first time. Her
spirit returned and on most nights after a long day of play and food
you could actually SEE her smile.

She has finally been saved and in her new home up in Pleasantville
with the most incredible and selfless Mom and Dad. It was love at first

I want to thank Tim for being so patient and helping me care for her –
animal rescue is my dream and without him I wouldn’t be able to do it.
Carol who was so amazing with her walking fees that I could actually
afford the daily visits to ensure house breaking remained on point.
Rorie for creating the most awesome flyers and everyone else who
helped me pass the word on, sharing her photos on Facebook,
joining our group and hearing her stories and progression....and
especially to Heather and Drew for ultimately "Saving Little Lady" and
providing an end to the sad story and starting a new and happy one!

What would I have done without my Pit
Bulls....through all the trials and
tribulations, the dark nights, the days
where I felt I couldn't get out of
bed....until a cold nose, and wrinkly
forehead popped up and nudged me,
asking, "Mama, can I please go potty?"
I believe this breed has saved me, kept
me going, when I had seemingly
nothing else to live for.  I always had
my Pit Bulls to live for.  They have
made me whole.  Thank you, my
darlings. You mean the world to me.
nose to your whip-like tail, I love you.  You've brought so much joy into my
life and I simply adore you, my four-legged best friend.


You never know the true meaning of love until you have been loved by a Pit Bull.

You literally changed my life!
Dear Chevy (front) and Bodger (back),
thank you for saving my life. I didn't want to
go on after losing my Mom, but then I
became your Mom and I live for you.

Thank you to Lola, Rocky and Sedona for all the smiles, joy and fun they bring, and thank you
to the hundreds I have met, both in reality and virtually. Through them, I have met some of the
most amazing people who rescue, train, advocate and care for them. I am thankful to you all
for twenty of the best years of my life, and hope for many more.