The REAL Pit Bull, Inc.
A 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation
- Who We Are -

The Real Pit Bull, Inc (RPB) is a small, volunteer-driven nonprofit corporation
located in central NJ. We focus on education of guardians, the public,
shelters, etc, and advocacy work (in the form of fighting BSL, speaking on
behalf of Pit Bulls, educating those who work with Pit Bulls, promoting
rescue, and fighting abuse).  

RPB is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

- Mission Statement -

The Real Pit Bull, Inc. (RPB) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the
American Pit Bull Terrier. Our mission is to serve as a breed advocate; rescue
dogs in need; and educate those who impact the lives of Pit Bulls.

- Vision -

RPB envisions a future in which the American Pit Bull Terrier is widely
recognized as a companion animal and working dog partner; dog fighting is
a thing of the past; dog laws focus on deed not breed; and all American Pit
Bull Terriers have loving, responsible homes.

- Services -

RPB carries out its mission statement in the following ways......

  • Pit Bull evaluations for shelters & rescues: RPB aims to support local
    area rescues and shelters by helping to evaluate dogs they bring into
    their adoption programs.

  • Pit Bull education lectures: free Pit Bull lectures aimed at shelter staff,
    guardians and the public are offered through RPB. Organizations or
    individuals interested in hosting a lecture can contact RPB for
    information on scheduling.

  • Hands-on training for dogs and volunteers: Dogs entered into
    adoption programs can receive free training through Pit Bull School,
    and volunteers working within various organizations can receive
    training along with the dogs. Training is positive reinforcement-based
    clicker training and focuses on enrichment for shelter dogs, basic
    manners, and preparation for Canine Good Citizen testing.

  • CGC Testing for Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes: An AKC-certified CGC evaluator
    can test your dogs prior to adoption

  • Counseling: RPB provides counseling and support for those working or
    living with Pit Bulls. Behavior help, management advice, and support
    for 'Pit Bull issues'.

  • Educational outreach through The Real Pit Bull website, various free
    written materials, booths at public events, our annual Pit Bull-palooza,