Life With Pit Bulls
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Melanie Busch's Pit Bull turned her into a 'dog person':
Never being a "dog" person, I was amazed at the great
desire I had to adopt our dog when I first met her at the
local pound. I was even more amazed that I fell head over
heals for her within the first few days we had her. Carmel is
an American Pit Bull Terrier. We also have four kids (all 9 and
under). After getting over the shock that we own a Pit Bull
AND have four kids, people feel such a need to lecture my
husband and I on the "dangers" of Pit Bulls (usually random
things they have heard on the 6 o'clock news). This has
been such a wonderful opportunity to gently educate my
friends and family. Not only do I offer them the facts I have
learned from responsible sites like, but we
Like the way she let one of our daughters, who was 2 at the
Like the way she let one of our daughters, who was 2 at the
time, dig into her food and Carmel waited patiently as our
time, dig into her food and Carmel waited patiently as our
little girl hand fed her-one kibble at a time. Or the countless
times I've had to repeat "the dog is not a horse". I think,
though, we first really knew in our hearts that the media
was full of it, when at 10 months our daughter (the same
one who fed the dog) used Carmel's mouth to pull herself up
to a standing position. All Carmel did was look at me with
these eyes that said, "Some help here please". Never a
growl or a snarl and she stood there like she knew if she
moved the baby would fall. Carmel has also helped me to be
more active in our local and state government. We live in
Ohio and they are always proposing new bills to eliminate Pit
Bulls. On more than one occasion, I have had the
opportunity to let my voice be heard on BSL.
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From Ann Julian:
While driving, this beautiful pit bull almost walked right
under our tires. He looked like he had just given up on
life.  He looked right into our eyes as we drove pass him.  
and he came home with us.  He was grossly under
weight, skiddish and looked like he had been in a couple
fights Our intention was to find his owners, surely
somebody would claim him. After a month no calls.  By
then we were happy that no one had called.  

This dog had stole my daughters heart. She named him
Happy Dawg.  They are the best of friends. They want to
go everywhere and do everything toether. She loves pit
bulls.  She even put them in a class of thier own.  I will
ask her if Happy is a dog, she will say "NO!" in the
madest voice a 3 year old can make, then she will say
"he is not a dog, he is a pit bull."   I have raised pit bulls
and they are all great dogs.  In the state I live in, New
Mexico, they are trying to create BSL on pit bulls and
Rotts.  I pray that this does not pass, I don't want to
take a 3 year old girls best friend away from her.

Happy Dawg and his best buddy.
I owned a Pit named Canela (Cinnamon in English).She
was used as a practice dog for a "Prized" fighting Pit.
her a real home. My friend told me about this friend of
hers during basketball practice and right after we went
bleeding, but she still trusted us. Without hesitation she
came right up to me and licked my hand while giving me
these pleading eyes. I fell in love and took her home.

I have grown up with small dogs such as chihuahas and
daschunds. They were never aggresive with family
members or toddlers, but always chased after
teenagers or adults. I was never allowed to own big
dogs so even less a Pit Bull. My mom was terrified and
refused to come outside when she saw my new 2 year
old brindle Pit paitently waiting for me on the porch. She
ordered me to get rid of her or either she would. I
pleaded, but never got a result. After two hours my
mother finally won. I took her to my Dad's house and
only had to ask once before he agreed.

She loved the attention she recieved, but people always
kept a safe space between themselves and my dog.
She loved strangers. My 2 year old nephew was terrified
and stood completely still until Canela licked his hand.
He fell in love. It's completely hard not to. My other 1
year old nephew loved animals and was not terrified of
her at all. He walked/crawled straight up to her and
clung to her while sharing an icecream. Canela waited
until it was her turn to take a lick.

She loved walks and hugs. Running was her favorite. At
the end of her walks/runs we would lay outside as
master and loyal companion. She always tried to be a
lapdog and constantly tried to sit on my lap while I was
sitting there. She never showed agression towards
anybody and always cried when she saw the car leave.
I never heard her growl or show her teeth during the
time that i owned her. She could sense when I was in a
down mood. I hated showing my feelings and the day
my cousin passed away i went straight to my fathers.
She sat there as I cried on her never pulling away. The
time i owned her i was going through a rough stage in
my life and she helped me through it. I vowed that I
would try my hardest to own another Pit Bull. Whether
its now or later.