About the Organization

Pawsitive Energy, Inc.
A 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization


Pawsitive Energy, Inc is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  From 1997 until Feb 2021, the organization was known as The REAL Pit Bull.  The name was changed because the focus of the organization was broadened beyond Pit Bull issues, and now also humane care and training of all dogs, and to increase the breadth of our education efforts.

The Real Pit Bull is now a division of Pawsitive Energy, Inc, which will focus on in depth education on the breed as well as rescue, advocacy, laws, and more.  

MISSION: Pawsitive Energy, Inc is an education and advocacy organization dedicated to dogs, with a special focus on the American Pit Bull (Staffordshire) Terrier. Our mission is to serve as an advocate for all dogs; work to reform the dog training and behavior modification field by creating standards and practices that encourage the use of humane, scientifically sound principles of behavior modification and training; be a source of information on dogs, specifically their behavior; work to build dog bite-free communities through initiatives that teach safety and proper handling and training of dogs and encourage generic laws that do not target specific breeds; provide resources, ethical guidelines and education for individuals, communities, shelters/rescues, and others impacting the lives of dogs.

VISION: PE envisions a future in which all dogs are treated humanely, valued and loved, whether in companion, working, show or competition homes; humane and scientific dog training and behavior modification is the standard of practice; legislation related to dogs focuses on deed not breed; compassion and empathy reigns.



  • “CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINER – CPDT-KA” in 2007 – circa 2013 through the ONLY independent certifying body of canine professionals, CCPDT
  • “CERTIFIED BEHAVIOR CONSULTANT – CANINE – CBCC” in 2018 to current through the ONLY independent certifying body of canine professionals, CCPDT 
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • Certified “SPEAK DOG” Canine Body Language Educator through Doggone Safe
  • Doggone Safe Dog Bite Safety Educator
  • Undergraduate studies in Psychology & Behavior
  • Currently an Undergraduate in an Applied Psychology program, in preparation for Graduate Studies in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Registered Healer – INHA
  • Reiki Master – certifications from Reiki Blessings Academy &  North Jersey Massage Training Center

Professional Animal Experience:

  • 1996 – Sunrise Acres Dog Training  Assistant Trainer
  • 1999-current – Professional Dog Trainer First through K9 Counseling Services and up through the current time through Pawsitive Energy, LLC
  • 1998 – 2020 (circa) – Trainer & behavior consultant for Best Friends Dog & Cat Adoption
  • 2001-2004 – We Care Pet Care Dog Walking & Pet Sitting
  • 2008  Liberty Humane Society  Class instructor & Behavior Evaluator
  • 2015-2021 Pawsitive Energy, LLC Owner/Operator – private behavior and training services
  • 2018-2019 Training Instructor at Our Gang Pet Services
  • 1997- current – Pawsitive Energy, Inc. – 501(c)3 operating under the name The REAL Pit Bull until 2021  Founder & Director, Education, Behavior Consulting, Training Classes


Continuing Education

*2020 – Fundamentals of Nosework (Joe Nick K9)

*2020 – Reiki Continuing Education (Alice Rich  through the North Jersey Massage School.)

*Dec 2018 – Epigenetics & Puppies (Dr Lynn Honeckman)

*Dec 2018 – Predatory Behavior (Dr Tiffani Howell)

*Oct 2018 – Defensive Handling & Playgroups (Michael Shikashio & Trish McMillan)

*May 2018 – Canine Physiology (Kathryn Lord, PhD)

*March 2018 – current –  B.S. in Applied Psychology

*Jan 2018  Clear Communication Tools (Sara Brueske)

*Oct 2017 Raising Puppies Right: Early Training (Sara Brueske)

*July, 2017 It’s Your Choice Webinar (Susan Garrett)

*Aggression: Training & Rehab; Medical problems that look like aggression  (Nancy Williams)

*Aggression in Dogs  (Brenda Aloff)

*Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog (Emma Parsons)

*2008 – Constructional Aggression Treatment  (Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, PhD & Kellie Snider)

*Understanding Canine Behavior, comprehensive course  (Barbara Handleman)

*2006 Clicker Expo – 3 day conference on positive training and behavior modification

*When Good Dogs Go Bad – Canine Aggression (Dr. Pamela Reid, PhD)

*Housetraining 123  Webinar (Helen Verte)

Professional Affiliations:

*American Kennel Club (AKC)

*Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT)

*Pet Professionals Guild (PPG)

*Doggone Safe – teaching dog safety and bite prevention.

*International Natural Healers Association (INHA)

Founder Bio coming soon….