Pit Bull School
Equipment for
You may purchase the items mentioned
above at the following sites:
The proper equipment is essential for getting the
most out of your class.
 These items are a MUST:

  • A martingale collar.

  • The leash you use must be sturdy and strong
    (recommended leashes below).

  • All dogs in class will need to be on a Sens-ation
    Harness (see below).  Some dogs will need to be
    in a head collar (halter) - (will be recommended if
Excellent martingale
training collars can be
purchased from:


Suggested: the 1.5" loop
style nylon martingale.
Training leashes can be
purchased from either:

Raw Dog Leather


Bridgeport Equipment
If recommended, Gentle Leader head
collars & bait pouches can be purchased

The front connect Sense-sation Harness
can be purchased from:

SofTouch Concepts
Must-have Equipment for humans:

A bait pouch will make your life a
LOT easier!  Bring a clicker or
purchase one when you arrive.