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A Note on the Use of the Term, "Pit Bull"

The term “Pit Bull” as used in these pages, is meant to refer to the
American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) breed ONLY. This is a purebred
recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the American Dog
Breeders Association (ADBA). However, the media, legislators and others
use this same term incorrectly to describe a certain group of dogs that
actually includes several breeds and types. Included in this group are:
American Pit Bull Terriers/American Staffordshire Terriers, and
Staffordshire Bull Terriers, sometimes Bull Terriers and American
Bulldogs, mixes with percentage of blood of any one of these breeds
and dogs that simply look like these breeds. Understandably, many
people are confused about what a “Pit Bull” actually is, since the popular
public definition is so wide and the breeds above actually share similar
history and physical characteristics.

The broader use of the term “Pit Bull” is a fairly new development, and
seemingly the roots of the redefinition lie with the misinformed media.
Along with the myriad myths propagated by careless reporting came
misapplication of the nickname “Pit Bull”. The American Pit Bull Terrier
literally had its name stolen and applied to all manner of breeds and
mixes that had never before been so called. Indeed, ask a Staffordshire
bull terrier, Bull Terrier, or American Bulldog owner if their dog is a ‘Pit
Bull’ and you will hear a resounding, “No!” The American Pit Bull Terrier is
the only breed with the words “pit” and “bull” actually in its name, and
the only one of the above breeds/types that is most commonly, correctly,
and historically, called a "Pit Bull".

For more information on language, please see this blog
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Did you know........?

"Blue" is JUST A COLOR, and blue
dogs are NOT RARE. Steer clear of
breeders that boast "rare blues".
To find out MORE about
responsible breeders, go
For more about the "blue myth"
and other misconceptions about
Pit Bulls, please go to the myths
page, now!
...the UKC standard for the
American Pit Bull Terrier states
that anything over 60 pounds for a
male and 50 pounds for a female
is UNDESIRABLE. Dogs that weigh
70+ pounds are grossly incorrect
and NOT typical Pit Bulls. Don't let
SCAM BREEDERS charge you
$1000, $2000, $3000 or more for
an incorrect, sub-standard Pit Bull.
Research the breed, and seek out
TRUE representatives of the
American Pit Bull Terrier. For more
info on what a REAL Pit Bull should
look like, see this page.
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