Beware Bad Breeders!
You See One
There are many sites (including this one) that list traits common
to ETHICAL breeders. But what are the traits common to BAD
breeder criteria as laid out in the PBOA Breeders Code of Ethics
and noted what they had in common:

Bad breeders....

1) make claims about their dogs being "the best", "superior",
"super", "amazing", "top of the line", and a long list of other
adjectives YET offer no PROOF of their claims. What makes a dog
"super" or "amazing"? Apparently nothing other than claiming it
is so. Bad breeder sites never include a list of dog show, weight
pull, obedience, or working trial wins/titles.

2) may or may not state something like, "..all dogs/pups up to
date on shots and have certificate of health from a veterinarian".
But NONE of the bad breeder sites I looked at mentioned
anything at all about health certifications such as OFA, PennHip,
brucellosis-/vWD-negative, CERF, etc. In speaking with some of
these breeders, they either did not know what such tests were
or claimed they didn't need them.

3) many times boast a bloodline named after a famous
modern-day gangster or a sharp-edged cutting implement. I
have yet to find an ethical breeder who boasts either of these

4) brag about the size of their dogs and that size is always
grossly over the UKC & ADBA standards' recommendations for
the breed. These brags usually mention head size and chest
width as well as weight (75, 80, 95+ pounds).

5) charge obscene amounts of money for puppies. I've seen
some bad breeders asking $5000 for unproven pups from
unproven stock (..." a fool and his money are soon parted"...).
Again, claiming that your dogs are top of the line and "the best"
doesn't make them so. The going price for a GREAT dog from an
ETHICAL breeder is about $500-800 for UKC or ADBA and about
$800-1000 for an AKC dog.

6) use color as a major selling point (such as "Monster Blues"--
blue is a BIG time fad color right now and all the rage with bad
breeders who capitalize on the market's demand for blue). Blue
is JUST a color and NOT indicative of a dog's q

7) may enter "expos" that are sponsored by other Bad Breeders.
Their dogs cannot compete in UKC or ADBA-sponsored events
and actually win, so holding their own events is the only way to
go. I recently visited the site of a "notorious" kennel who claimed
their dog won "Best In Show". I dug a little deeper and
discovered that the "show" at which the dog won Best In Show
was an expo hosted by other Bad Breeders. This wasn't a
recognized show and the award certainly doesn't mean anything
to the dog fancy at large; its only significance is that which is
placed on it by the unethical breeders who created the award to
begin with.

8) may cross in dogs of other breeds to create merle-colored or
grossly oversized dogs. The ADBA recently adopted a policy that
forbids the registration of merle dogs not only because of health
problems associated with the color but also because merle dogs
are suspected to be MIXED BRED DOGS. Also, many Bad Breeders
today are producing huge, mastiff-looking "pit bulls" that do not
even begin to conform to the UKC or ADBA standards. It is likely
that such breeders achieved size in their dogs by crossing in
dogs of mastiff or bulldog breeds. Pit Bulls are medium-small to
medium sized dogs. They have medium bone density and their
"proper" weight is under about 60 pounds. They should not be
overly bull-doggy as many of these Bad Breeders' dogs are.
Compare ADBA or UKC conformation champions to some of the
dogs belonging to Bad Breeders and you will be hard-pressed to
even identify them as the same breed.

9) sell indiscriminately. They require little if any information from
potential buyers and sell dogs to whomever has the money.

Bad breeders are ruining the Pit Bull breed. Not only do they
produce large quantities of dogs in a world where thousands of
Pit Bulls die weekly due to lack of homes, their dogs are poor
representatives of the breed. Temperament and physical
conformity to the recognized UKC and ADBA standards are
sacrificed to appeal to the fad crowd that wants in on the "bad
ass Pit Bull" craze. These people known nothing about the breed,
nor do they care to learn. They sell to irresponsible owners who
in turn begin to breed, do not provide their dogs with adequate
care/training/confinement, and present a bad image. Bad
Breeders are not responsible for the dogs they produce, and the
dogs coming out of the yards of such breeders are making
headlines by way of attacks on people and other animals.

Speak up for Pit Bulls! Don't let Bad Breeders continue to destroy
our breed. Educate yourself. Educate others.