Online "For Sale" puppy/dog ads...

...make me sad.

Especially when I see them alongside all these urgent rescue bulletins &

I'm not ANTI breeding, but right now, really, rescue & education/activism
should be the MAIN focus of EVERY Pit Bull person. Not breeding more
Mega Ultra Super-size Blue-rific Protecto-Pit Bulls that cost $2,000. (The
prices make it obvious where these breeders stand, hmmm?)

Unless you are super-duper educated, breeding for
family/friends/hand-picked buyers ONLY & to preserve the breed,
breeding dogs that are titled/health tested and actually ADHERE TO THE
STANDARD.....don't breed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In case anyone hasn't noticed, the Pit Bull is in a state of CRISIS!
Peddling pups over Myspace or Craigslist to anyone with the cash is an
abhorrent practice at ANY time, but ESPECIALLY now because of the dire
straights the breed is in - in fact, I'll make myself a target for breeder
rage and state that the breed is in this current crisis BECAUSE OF
UNSCRUPULOUS BREEDING, breeders like those who post bulletins on
Myspace and advertise on Google.

Ya know, I've never heard a breeder admit to being unethical and
unscrupulous. I'm sure if I asked any breeder on Myspace if they were
educated and ethical they'd say, "Absolutely"! But thinking you are one
thing and believing you are doing no damage doesn't make it SO.

I encourage every breeder to look into the eyes of their dogs, then walk
down the aisles of a high kill shelter and look into the eyes of those Pit
Bulls with days to live, and truly ask themselves, what is the real,
essential difference between the two. The answer is there is NOTHING
INTRINSICALLY DIFFERENT. In fact, many of these shelter dogs started
out the same way your pups did - produced by a breeder, sold to anyone
with money, and those buyers in turn breeding and selling more puppies
- dogs getting abused, neglected and dumped along the way, and finally
ending up in the shelter where in many cases death by lethal injection is
the kindest thing they've ever experienced.

All these Pit Bulls had to come from some where - they weren't created
out of thin air. All of these abused, abondoned, tortured, tormented, sad
and lonely Pit Bulls came from breeders, or dogs bred by breeders. Look
yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, "Are any of those dogs MY dogs,
any of those dogs the product of MY dogs? Do I know where every single
pup I've ever sold is, and every single pup any of my pups produced is?"
Can you answer these questions without lying to yourself?

So yes, these For Sale bulletins and online ads make me sad. Sadder still
is the fact that many breeders refuse to be educated. No one's born an
expert. But those with open, true hearts and a willingness to do good,
learn, and grow, will educate themselves, learn from their mistakes, and
continually strive to do right by those beings they come in contact with
throughout their lives.

Are you doing right by your dogs? Are you doing right by the Pit Bull
breed as a whole?

Mary Harwelik
Director -
Online Breeder Ad